Our Services

Industrial Scaffolding

Partner Industrial provides comprehensive scaffolding solutions to the industrial market. Through our highly trained and certified employees and our experienced supervision, we design and implement safe, productive, and innovative scaffolding solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications, including routine maintenance, turnarounds, outages, and capital projects.  Our solutions typically comprise estimating, planning, erecting and dismantling, and in-plant material tracking.  Our customers rely on these solutions to provide safe and secure access to work areas in order to facilitate maintenance activities such as repairing equipment; installing, replacing, or repairing insulation; performing coatings services; or a variety of other routine plant activities.  We have extensive experience developing work access solutions across a broad range of customer needs, including for complex and irregular shaped equipment such as large boiler vessels and complex pipe networks.

Industrial Painting / Protective Coatings

Partner Industrial has over a 60 year heritage of providing industry-leading painting and protective coating solutions to the industrial market.  Our proven processes and application procedures combined with years of experience allows us to handle a broad array of customer needs, including the most complex and technically challenging.  Our coatings programs are designed to address complicated corrosion problems in order to improve plant reliability in a cost effective method.  Our solutions typically comprise estimating, planning, surface preparation, and coating application through a variety of proven methods and technologies.  Through our systematic approach to painting and coatings we ensure high quality workmanship, proper allocation of budget dollars, and enhanced overall program value for our customers.  Furthermore, our painting and coatings certifications and training ensure that our highly-skilled employees are providing customers with the best possible service available.

Industrial Insulation

Partner Industrial provides comprehensive insulation and thermal protection services to the industrial market.  We have extensive experience designing and implementing a wide variety of low temperature and high temperature insulation solutions for a wide variety of industrial needs, ranging from small pipes and valves to large vessels.  Our solutions typically comprise the selection, installation, and maintenance of advanced synthetic materials in order to retain heat within pipes or processing units, keep equipment cold or at the appropriate temperature, or assist in shielding workers inside a plant from extremely hot surfaces.  We are also able to provide customers with a comprehensive audit of a plant’s existing insulation in which our skilled professionals assess heat loss, corrosion under insulation (CUI), process flow-problems, and safety concerns.  Through our systematic approach to insulation we help our customers maximize their plant’s operational integrity, energy optimization, and work environment safety.

Additional Services

Partner industrial has the experience and ability to effectively consolidate numerous in-plant maintenance services and relevant activities under its direct supervision, including operations support, labor support, lead and asbestos abatement, and warehouse support, among others.  These services are backed by the same rigorous safety and quality standards that the Company brings to all its activities.  Partner Industrial delivers these services through its sophisticated service delivery programs, which provide a consistent method for determining what work needs to be performed for the customer, the priority and schedule of work to be performed, and the most appropriate and efficient way to deliver the services.